The roller crushers are designed for crushing, crumbling and premixing of big hard and shale type clay clods, up to a hardness of 5–6 Mohs.

Such actions are carried out by two toothed rollers with parallel axis, rotating in opposite directions with differential speeds. These toothed rollers crush the material forcing it to pass through the existing gap between the crushing teeth.

Depending on application, the machine is available with mechanical or hydraulic drive solutions.
Systems to prevent overload are built in. Models with front unloading bulkhead are also available.
The roller crusher can optionally be built with a feed winch.
The adjustable crushing gap provides flexibility in crushing size and allows the compensation of seasonal changes in raw materials.

  • Throughput range from 40 to 185 m3/h;
  • Electro-mechanical drives by SEW geared motor;
  • Machine on welded structure;
  • Exchangeable wearing sheets in the feed section;
  • Knives spirally arranged on the roll, knives shaft with square section for the installation of knives disks, supported by oscillating roller bearings;
  • Gap between rolls variably adjustable;
  • Scraper for the cleaning of the knives disks;
  • Stone separation hatch.