The mechanical coffee washer/separator PA-LAV is a machine utilized on harvested coffee cherries. It extracts impurities from the harvested lot and further separates the harvested cherries into floaters and sinkers. While sinkers go immediately to pulping floaters are pulped or at times not pulped depending on the coffee processor needs.
The PA-LAV washer/separator also sorts the fresh coffee cherries, ensuring a better quality final product. First the cherries fall onto the vibrating conveyor where sand, earth, stems and leaves are eliminated. Upon entering the water moving channel the stones are eliminated, while floaters and sinkers are separated by density and flow directly towards the machine separated outflow spouts. The outlet spouts count on draining and recoverable features to ensure low consumption of water per ton of cherry coffee processed. Sorting and Cleaning of fresh cherries is important to ensure good quality dry cherry or parchment coffees and protection of machine from ferocious impurities.