Newly redesigned STP-100 Morando-Rieter turntable press for accessory roof tiles.

This new Morando-Rieter STP-100 model of turntable press for accessory roof tiles completes the range of the already successful DTP-160 and DTP-200.


The necessary movements have been optimized by the use of modern technology: servo-drives for the table-rotation and the horizontal movement of the bat gripping & suction-head unit, servo-cylinder for the lifting and setting of the bats.

All powerful vertical movements, such as pressing and picking-up/setting of the green tile, are carried out by hydraulic axes. The pressing curve of the new STP press, definable on the operating panel, is determined by interpolation points and by the set speed between these points. Lifting stroke and resting points can be entered into the program, depending on the mould’s height.

As a result, and ideal pressing speed is guaranteed, even with high outputs. The moulding pressure is infinitely variable up to 100 tons, according to the respective requirements.

All machine elements are dimensioned with security values based on advanced FEM analyses merged with our long experience, and are mainly executed in a reliable welded design.

The new re-engineered hydraulic unit is characterized by higher efficiency, less noise, less heat losses, easy maintenance, complete PLC control and monitoring of the process parameters. Its key features are 3 pumps for 3 separate circuits (pressing, handling, cooling and filtering), load-regulated pump for pressing, temperature regulated cooling unit, on-board safety block.

A separate HNC card is responsible for the new axis control system of the main pressing cylinder. This card contains the basic programming for all axis movements, which can be controlled by the operating panel in a complete selective manner.

The control system allows for easy operation: the state-of-the-art menu structure enables parameter setting and monitoring of process values on the touch screen operating panel.

The new STP-100 press is in full compliance for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment to safety category 4: redundant and monitored safety valves, key transfer systems for area access, closed access doors, minimization of residual risks.