Rieter technology de-airing extrusion units are available with auger-set diameters from 350 to 720 mm.



Their main use is for extruded products such as roof tile bats, extruded roof tiles, facing bricks and load bearing blocks.
The extrusion unit is composed by mixer and extruder as separated machines with separated drive systems. The extruder has a compact planetary gear box, the mixer has a gear box with parallel axes.
The entrance into the de-airing chamber is guided by cutting knives and toothed segments to guarantee optimum levels of air evacuation degree.
To cover today’s demands, extruder and mixer are designed for easy maintenance and quick wear part exchange.


  • Auger design: three-parted, welded with adjustable point auger
  • Planetary gear SEW with integrated oil circuit lubrication system;
  • Tooth coupling between planetary gear and auger shaft;
  • Pressure paddles deeply penetrating into the auger pitch;
  • Pressure paddles in armored design;
  • Auger shaft and paddle shaft coupled via toothed wheels;
  • Fixing of the wearing sheets in the pressing cylinder and the extruder body without through bolts;
  • Large-sized doors in the domain of the paddles;
  • With piezo-resistant pressure transducer to read pressure and temperature, measuring range 0 – 40 bar;
  • Motor support mounted on the base frame of the extruder.


  • SEW EURODRIVE parallel axis  reduction gear box;
  • vacuum chamber with 3 maintenance doors;
  • mixing tank equipped with interchangeable sheet liners;
  • shredding device in mixing chamber with adjustable toothed segments;
  • shafts equipped with protective tubes against wear; front bearing (axial and radial) in the mixing chamber, rear bearing (radial) in the mixing trough;
  • screw-fixed paddles and augers highly wear resistant armored;
  • connection wing shafts with spur gear via crowned gearing couplings (there is thus no introduction of bearing forces and bending moments into the spur gear);
  • watering device with piping and shower head, complete with electrovalve.