The screen mixing crusher/circular screen feeders have the task to mix and homogenize clay and additives in optimal way before shaping.


Thanks to the combined action of the double mixing arm and the passage of the material through the circumferential grids, they are the ideal machines for the mixing, the homogenization, the wetting and the filtering of possible impurities.

The trough height allows the storing of up to about 20 tons of material.
Our customers can opt between one or nine access doors on the turning collecting plate.
Trough diameters: 1500 and 1900 mm;
Throughput capacity: from 10 to 75 tons/h.

  • Screens fixed inside the trough;
  • SEW orthogonal axis gear box;
  • Agitator arm with exchangeable wearing segments;
  • Collector plate with exchangeable coating segments;;
  • Breaking knives preventing the rotation of the material;
  • Conical bottom of the trough with perforated, exchangeable wearing segments;
  • Belts guards for drive;
  • Watering device by shower and possibility to add steam;
  • Watering device to collector plate;
  • Fill-level measuring unit with fixing device;
  • Protection to collector plate incl security door