HSR Model:
This model, which we have produced, has more than the world quality standards, quality and safety. In the operation system, 4 engine 2 fan technology is used, including Drum Reduced Motor, Tanbur Air flow Fan, Manual Control at 7 Levels, Cooler Fan Mixer Reducing Motor and also Mixer Cooler Fan. Drum is double wall 15 mm mm air is between layers, Italian Polidoro technology products are used in heating system. The flame box is in? level , on the movable control panel. The electrical equipment used on the control panel is preferred from German and Italian products at the top standard. Isolation Ceramic wool and / or high energy efficiency. This product has a wheel and fixing feet are available at the installation site. The Chaff syclone is mounted on the machine. As a safety precaution, 15 memory profile display, or Motor Speed Control, can be ordered exclusively. We produce 500 grm, 1-2 kg Gas and Electiricitiy heated. 5-10-15-15-20-30-60 kg /Batch sizes. LPG/Propane and NG can be choice.