Rotary dryers | PA-SR

The PA-SR Rotary Dryer for Coffee and Other Grains is the perfect dryer for the major, medium and small coffee growers. It receives the coffee directly from the harvesting or from the washer, providing fast and uniform drying OR from pulping stations i.e. wet parchment coffees. The loading and unloading doors of the product provide efficiency in these operations. The better use of the heat by the machine results in a better drying, fuel economy and the most important of all, uniform drying. The PA-SR Rotary Dryers dry cherry beans or parchment coffee, Arabica or Robusta coffee in an efficient, quick and uniform way. They can also dry other products (grains), such as cocoa, soy beans, beans, corn, black pepper and others.The following optional are provided: Indirect or Direct Fire heat Exchange, Loading and Unloading Elevator and silo for Dryer feed.