Pre Cleaner PA | GRAN/PL

Palini & Alves’ pre-cleaner GRAN-PL was developed to process coffee, soy beans, beans, peanuts and others grains. Our new pre-cleaner combines high efficiency in separation with high output capacity. Grains to be processed usually contain impurities which are both bigger and smaller than the product, as well as light impurities and dust. The pre-cleaner is used to separate these impurities in order to ensure, first, that they do not damage parts of the machines in the processing line, and, second, that they do not spoil the quality of the final product. Light impurities are aspirated at both the intake and outflow of the product, while perforated screens separate the impurities which are bigger and smaller than the product. Screening is performed by oscillation of the deck, which counts on adjustment of speed of oscillation so that the machine is set to each different characteristic of the products.