The OptiCount product line provides reliable, vision-based information for a wide range of seed types. It is much more than a seed counter, because you need more than just a count per pound to describe the physical properties of a seed sample. Of course it starts with an immediate and verifiable count per pound, but because the OptiCount is image based, information is also available on the size and shape of every seed in the sample. This information allows us to quantify variability in the sample, as well as split and oblong content in soys, flats/rounds estimates in corn or thins content in wheat. The color version of the OptiCount can also track the color defect content or assess treatment color consistency.

The OptiCount can help you manage all aspects of the cleaning operation. Whether you choose the fully automatic OptiCount OnLine to monitor a sample from the process flow as frequently as every 30 seconds or bring your sample to the OptiCount Lab for results in less than a minute, we are confident that the information from the OptiCount can lead to action and better management of your cleaning process.