The preliminary roller mills have been designed to reduce clay material in very thin sheets  and operate an action of stretching and tear on it. Such action causes cut and break of larger and hardest clods.

The preliminary roller mills have a structure made of steel, with a very rigid profile. The roller bearings (widely dimensioned for the maximum loads foreseen) are assembled on conical bushes and allow for an exact adjustment of the clearence/gap during the fitting.

The range of the preliminary roller mills comprehends cylinder diameters from 800 to 1200 mm and widths variable from 650 to 1200 mm for the full coverage of every technological and throughput need.

Supporting structure made in high resistance electro welded steel suitable to hard working conditions, assembled on a base frame without motors support.

  • Cast iron hubs and steel shafts;
  • Rotating rollers at different speeds;
  • Cast iron shells, wear and mechanical stress resisting;
  • Roller shell type GH580;
  • Surface hardness HV: 600 ± 30;
  • Minimum suggested gap between rollers : 1,2 mm;
  • speed :  15 m/s;
  • Mechanical adjustment  of rolling gap between rollers;
  • Hydraulic safety device by means of hydraulic pistons and nitrogen accumulators pre loaded by hydraulic station – 24V. DC. The pump installed on the station allows to work at a suggested pressure of 90-100Bar;
  • High resistance steel scrapers with regulation pneumatically driven;
  • Safety protection cover on rollers with automatic stopping of the machine when opened.