The super-fine roller mills feature high reliability, easy maintenance and long duration, and are mainly configured for rolling gaps down to 0.5 mm.

The base frame is made of a sturdy welded structure, thermally treated to eliminate residual stresses.
The mobile roller oscillates on a double rocker arm allowing  a perfect alignment in running conditions and during grinding operation.
The double rocker arm has been designed in such a way that the roller shells can be changed by lifting them vertically without dismantling the basic structure.

  • hydraulic unit with electric control system in Simatic S7, however without performance section for the large-sized motors
  • 2 separate hydro-mechanical cradle prtensioned with mechanical cradle limit stops
  • hydraulic roller pre-tensioning and protection of the machine
  • hydraulic adjustment of the roller scrapers
  • automatic gap adjustment via control desk
  • automatic gap measurement via linear measuring system
  • replacement of scrapers in operating height
  • Speed monitoring
  • Sealing of the rollers at the front side, with anti-vibrating plates between the machine and its support