Coffee Pulper | PA-DCC

The PA-DCC Cherry Coffee Pulper – with a double block for pulping – was developed to assure the Cherry and Green Coffee Quality, with high efficiency in a single and compact structure for a better area utilization, in addition to promoting up to 30% cost reduction of the processing costs and up to 40% reduction in the Cherry Coffee volume, by removing the pulp. The Cherry/Green Coffee beans, recently harvested, washed and separated in Mechanical Washers are immediately transported to the Cherry Coffee Pulper. In this same operation, the machine separates the Green Beans and Pulp the Cherry Beans.The Pulped Cherry Beans are taken to the Mucilage Remover (optional) and then to the drying yard, where special techniques are applied; and the Green Beans are directly taken to the drying yard.The PA-DCC Cherry Coffee Pulper comes with mechanical green bean separator, double conical repasser of the beans already pulped – to improve the pulping – a repassing screen (bran) and a metallic platform.