Gravity Tables | PA-MSD

The PA-MSD Flutu-ardensimetric separator separates grains that although the same size present different density. This type of beans cannot be separated in the size graders, either flat screens or cylindrical screens type. The densimetric separators are essential machines in the preparation of a good quality coffee. It eliminates light impurities and some off-color beans, thus helping in the work of the color sorters.
These are some of its special and specific features:
(1) Turbine type fans which create a uniform and constant air current at low levels noise;
(2) Easy and fast adjustments of air volume and pressure to control the flow of the product on the deck;
(3) Product inlet hopper with chute for connection to a dust and light impurities suction device, and,
(4) Outflowing of the product separated in up to 4 fractions thus providing the plant with more processing flexibility.