The bar disintegrators have the task to crush, crumble and pre-mill medium and small size clay clods, even with high hardness characteristics, and eject as well small stones possibly present in the raw material.


Such action is achieved by means of two rollers with parallel axis placed side by side, one of them equipped with bars, which rotate in opposite direction at different speeds.
The roller with bars rotates with a peripheral speed three times higher compared to the speed of the smooth roller, and impacts the clay clods crushing or ejecting them through the discharging hopper.

  • Interchangeable bars made with wear resistant hard facing and lining between bars protected by hard facing, easily replaceable;
  • Smooth roller made in cast iron Nickel-Chrome alloy – hardness 530 HV;
  • Steel scrapers with high resistance, adjustable from outside;
  • Scrapers driving unit 24 V.DC;
  • Safety device on bars housing roller by means of elastic shock absorbers and mechanical breakage bridge;
  • The machine is complete with feeding and stones removal hopper, safety protection unit for fast and slow roll, special base frame with motor support;
  • Driving unit for grinder WDM 800 or WDM 1200 is provided.