Combined Huller | PA-DESC

The mobile combined huller PA-DESC/AMBULANTE is a set of machine in one single structure to pre-clean and eliminate stones from dry cherry or parchment coffee, followed by hulling and separation of green coffee in up to 3 separate fractions by means of a multiple channel catador. The machine improves the quality of the coffee and allows the coffee farmer to decide when to hull his coffee. Green coffee may be supplied in different lots depending on the market needs, and the resulted hulling husk may be used as part of the plantation treatment or drying fuel. The compact all-in-one structure includes a pre-cleaner, a destoner, a cold-type hulling cylinder, an oscillating screen separator and a multiple channel catador. All fed by bucket elevators for a total mechanical flow of the coffee through the machine. PA-DESC can be stationery or mobile, electrical or engine driven. Palini & Alves have a SPECIAL HULLER for parchment coffees – developed to be coupled to the benefit machines, where increases the production and improves the coffee appearance. Its operation principle is very simple. The parchment coffee gets into a cylinder where is hulled by a rotor hulling system.